INCENTIVE program for referral$!

September 14, 2016

In order to grow our business and also reward our customers, Genesis Remodeling offers a promotional incentive referral programs! So we want to create a win-win for us and our valued customers.

We are providing an incentive for referral of customers who are in need of remodeling and repair services for their home and/or community. You could earn up to $2,000!!

We invite you to be part of our growth and at the same time earn extra cash!!

Earn $100!!

When you refer 10 potential clients resulting in 10 appointments, you would earn $100!! References should include verifiable names and phone numbers of people in need of our services. You are paid after appointments are secured.

Earn beyond $100…

And the earning don’t stop there! When any of these 10 references signs a contract with us, you will earn up to $200 per contract (based on the amount of the contract). In this case you are paid after we start the work.

This promotion is for a limited time, and we invite you to take advantage of it!!

Our goal is happy customers! Contact us for more information.

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